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Set of 2 Stand-In Cabinet Jacks

Only $199.99

+ $40 Shipping and Handling

Whether you are installing kitchen cabinets for a living, or in your own home, this cabinet jack will be your favorite tool without a doubt. An amazing tool built by a Cabinet Craftsman!

  • The Stand-in frees both hands of the installer to retrieve other tools & fasteners required to complete installation
  • Easy to install kitchen cabinets by yourself
  • The Stand-in is adjustable in height for use in installing different size upper cabinets.
  • Allows install without damage to walls or cabinets
  • Speeds installation of kitchen cabinets by up to 50%
  • Saves on the labor cost of cabinet installation
  • The Stand-in cabinet jack easily adjusts cabinet height by tapping the bottom of the pole toward the wall with your foot!  (WARNING:  Do NOT Kick it out because it will fall!)

The Stand-In is the greatest cabinet installation tool ever!

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