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“I bought The Stand-in a couple of years ago & it’s the best investment I’ve ever made. I’ve done many kitchens by myself since then & I don’t know what I would do without it! Even when I have a helper, I just let him do other things while I install the cabinets. You guys should go on Shark Tank & these should be in every home improvement and tool store across America!” -Chris
“I run state jobs & a carpenter’s rate is $62.00, a laborer’s rate is $47.50. With the Stand-In I’m able to eliminate the laborer which makes me more competitive with my bidding. We do hundred of housing authority kitchens every year, this product makes the need for a laborer not necessary.” -William

I was introduced to, and was able to use your product in the field, and was very impressed by its simplicity and complete functionality. I’ve been in the trade for 25 years and don’t find many innovations that change the way I do things… but I’m already rethinking my process having used them. Thank you for the speedy response and look forward to using my own set. I’ll be spreading the word!

M. Reed RCI


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Stand-In The #1 Cabinet Jack

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The Stand-In, the worlds number #1 selling cabinet jack! Have you ever wanted to find a way to increase the profit on your kitchen cabinet installs? Have you ever wanted to install kitchen cabinets by yourself faster than 2 people can without worrying if the cabinet might fall to the floor? Do you want a tool that will keep your hands free? A tool that will make installing kitchen cabinets faster, easier and more profitable?

Now you have found it. You can learn how to install kitchen cabinets the easy way by using The Stand-In cabinet jack! To increase your profits by up to 10 times!

When using the Stand-In cabinet jack you do not need to feel the sysThe Stand-In cabinet jacktem is stacked against you. With builders, homeowners and cabinet salespeople constantly wanting to get things done for less, and cabinet manufacturers increasing their pricing constantly. You are the one that gets squeezed. The odds are against you but it not your fault, now you can level the playing field.

Here at The Stand-In, we want to give you the knowledge to become a better cabinet installer and become more profitable and efficient. The Stand-In cabinet jack is the perfect tool for installing kitchen cabinets. It works with all kitchen cabinets of all different heights and is used by many cabinet installers across America and Canada, as well as around the world. The reviews have been fantastic!

The Stand-In cabinet jacks can give you the advantage with our video series on how to install kitchen cabinets using The Stand-in by watching the videos on our video page.

The Stand-In is a lightweight and strong cabinet jack that has an adjustable height for installing kitchen cabinets. The Stand-In is also the featured cabinet jack for Wellborn Academy, a tradesmen academy that teaches the basics of installing kitchen cabinets. They train cabinet installers how to install kitchen cabinets for Wellborn Cabinet Inc. As well as independent installers.

The Stand-In cabinet installation toolsThe Stand-In cabinet jack has an easy, user-friendly adjustable height for different size kitchen cabinets and is so much faster, safer and more accurate than using cleats. The Stand-In has a strong a stable platform that will hold kitchen cabinets in place so you can install the cabinets by yourself without damage to the walls or leave holes from cleats that you have to patch & paint saving you time and money. This is a huge plus when dealing with an exceptionally finicky homeowner or a General Contractor.

The Stand-In cabinet jack ensures that you can complete a cabinet install safely and in less time making your job more profitable.

by using the Stand-In cabinet jack on your cabinet installation bids with tight budgets, you can be more competitive using The Stand-In cabinet jack. Helping you get the jobs you might normally miss and DIY’ers can save 1000’s of dollars by learning how to use the Stand-In cabinet jack for installing kitchen cabinets.

The Stand-In cabinet jack easily and quickly adjusts level and plumb of a kitchen cabinet with a tap of your foot so you are able to install kitchen cabinets at the precise height. It makes leveling a kitchen cabinet simple, easy and very fast. The Stand-In cabinet jack also keeps your hands free to retrieve drills, levels, screws or whatever might come up without worry of the cabinet falling to the floor and being damaged.

If you would like to know more on how the Stand-In cabinet jack works just watch the video below and we will show you how fast and easy it is to install kitchen cabinets using the Stand-In. And if you are ready to start making more profit on your kitchen cabinet installs we have made ordering easy, just click the secure PayPal order button at the bottom of the page and we will get you started on a path to making your installs simple and easy with the only cabinet jack that pays for itself!



Hang Cabinets Yourself with The Stand-In
The Stand-In cabinet installation tools


The Stand-In

The #1 Cabinet installing tool in the world! Install all types of cabinets safely & with very little effort with the Stand-In!

Installing cabinets are a breeze with the Stand-In, the top cabinet installation tools that allows quality installations.