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Scott here, one of the guys I work with, was just looking at/asking about my Stand-In jacks. Claims he is going to buy some. He likes how it looks like I am not working hard, yet installing multiple kitchens a day.
More than 500 kitchens installed, using your Jack’s.
Thanks for sharing your idea!


“I bought The Stand-in a couple of years ago & it’s the best investment I’ve ever made. I’ve done many kitchens by myself since then & I don’t know what I would do without it! Even when I have a helper, I just let him do other things while I install the cabinets. You guys should go on Shark Tank & these should be in every home improvement and tool store across America!” -Chris
“I run state jobs & a carpenter’s rate is $62.00, a laborer’s rate is $47.50. With the Stand-In, I’m able to eliminate the laborer which makes me more competitive with my bidding. We do hundreds of housing authority kitchens every year, this product makes the need for a laborer not necessary.” -William

I was introduced to, and was able to use your product in the field, and was very impressed by its simplicity and complete functionality. I’ve been in the trade for 25 years and don’t find many innovations that change the way I do things… but I’m already rethinking my process having used them. Thank you for the speedy response and look forward to using my own set. I’ll be spreading the word!

M. Reed RCI


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Support the RMHC!

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Using The Stand-In







  1. Parts included with your Stand-in cabinet installation tools: Stand-in folding cabinet support shelf, an adjustable pole with sure grip foot.
  2. Lock the Stand-in cabinet installation tools support shelf into 90-degree position.
  3. Check twist lock pins on Stand-in cabinet installation tools support shelf to ensure they are fully locked in position.
  4. Extend adjustable pole to required height; be sure to check that pin is locked into place on the adjustable pole. Pole is adjustable for different cabinet heights. Depressing the button on the adjustable pole and sliding the inner pole up or down and locking into next position hole can accomplish this.
  5. Place Stand-in cabinet jack against the wall at a desired bottom height of the cabinet, typically 54″ off the floor on a standard cabinet. The 18″arm of the Stand-in shelf against the wall the 12″ arm becomes the platform to set cabinet on. Make sure that the pole of the Stand-in is at approximately 20-degree angle to the wall.
  6. 2 Stand-ins are required for installation of upper cabinets, repeat process for 2nd Stand in.
  7. Do not exceed 40 lbs. on Stand-in.
  8. Place cabinet on Stand-in’s and adjust height and level of the cabinet by bumping the pole at the bottom near the sure grip foot in toward wall. Caution do this gently.
  9. Caution: never bump pole away from the wall to lower cabinet as this may cause the cabinet to fall and result in damage to cabinets or injury to the installer
  10. Do not stand on the Stand-in
  11. There is an inherent risk of injury to the installer when Installing upper cabinets, damage to cabinetry, floors, and walls from falling cabinets if these instructions are not followed expressly.
  12. Do Not Use The Stand-In near “live” electrical as components of The Stand-In is aluminum and risk of electric shock is greater.

Hang Cabinets Yourself with The Stand-In

The Stand-In

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